Here's the deal... every time someone gives me the joy of taking their family portrait, I'll give a family portrait session (and a print!) to a family in need. This may be one of the families we work with (see About page) or any other family I feel inspired to bless! It gives me great joy to photograph such wonderful families, like this beautiful Eritrean family we have come to know and love.



When I was 19, I wanted to make a difference on the planet. A big difference. I knew God had put me on this earth for a purpose... and I was ready to get to work. I naively thought the best way to have maximum impact was to go to the place where they had the worst problems, and try to help fix them. So off I went to India.

Just a couple of months and a serious bout of food poisoning later, I was back in Australia feeling completely overwhelmed and somewhat of a failure. My short term foray didn't rock the planet, but it surely rocked me!


Over the years I have narrowed my scope... I've realized that, while I may not be able to change the whole world, I can use what's in my hand to help the ONE. It may seem small, but that's ok.... because individuals really matter.


Moving to America plunged me into a world of opportunity. Surrounded by people from all over the globe, many of whom have lived through war, poverty, homelessness or abuse, I discovered that by simply sharing my gift of photography, I can inject a little joy into their world. It doesn't fix all of their problems, but freezes a moment in time they can enjoy forever. I cannot explain the joy I've received in giving a struggling Mom a portrait of her and her daughter, with whom she had recently been re-united. Tears of joy and gratitude streamed down both of our faces as she looked at the precious moment in print.


We all have something to give. Experience the joy!






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